Moon Park


General Information

Moon Parks and Recreation offers many programs, special events and amenities for all ages and interests.


  • Nelson Pond
  • Over 300 acres
  • Over three miles of walking/hiking trails
  • Moon Park Amphitheater
  • Play Equipment
  • Three soccer fields
  • Six baseball/softball fields
  • Three basketball courts
  • Four Tennis Courts
  • Five picnic pavilions



1350 Joe DeNardo Way (Ewing Road)
Moon Township, PA 15108



Athletic Fields

  • Endeavor Multi-Purpose Field - Located just inside the Moon Park Entrance
  • Discovery Multi-Purpose Field - Located across from the Moon Park Entrance
  • Krane Field - Located at the Beaver Grade & Ewing Road intersection
  • DeVenzio Field - Located inside Moon Park
  • Galaxy Field - Located inside Moon Park next to the Tennis Courts
  • Challenger Multi-Purpose Field - Located inside Moon Park near the park exit.
  • Kenny Ross Field- Located across from the Moon Park entrance
  • Kenny Ross Back Field - Located across from the Moon Park entrance
  • Whispering Woods Field - Located at 1668 Spring Run Road Extension

Nelson Pond

The Nelson Pond, a long time favorite of our park visitors, was scheduled for a makeover in 2008. Years of sediment had eventually filled the pond to narrow water depths that threatened the fish population and created an unattractive facility. In Early 2008, the pond was drained and sedimentary material was removed. The shape and depth were reestablished and new amenities were added. The now completed project has around 500,000 gallons of water and is approximately 9 ft. deep in the center. It also has an accessible trail and benches for relaxing by the fountain.

PA Fish and Boat Commission

Rules and Regulations for the pond area:
  • Catch and release only!
  • Please, do not bring fish to the NelsonPond. Certain species of fish with disease could destroy the entire fish population.
  • No Swimming is permitted.
  • No pets are permitted in the pond area or in the pond itself.
  • Alcohol is not permitted.
  • Follow all PA Fish and Boat Commission Fishing License rules and regulations.