The Black Dog Wine Company Dog Park at Moon Park


Located in the greater Moon Park Complex: 1845 Beaver Grade Road, Moon Township, PA 15108.

Monday and Tuesday's the park will be closed for maintenance and upkeep. 

Our mission with any new public space is to bring everyone together, nurturing our sense of community and we need your help to protect this beautiful new facility.

The Dog park is closed on Monday and Tuesday for general maintenance and “rest and recovery”. The grass is like any other breathing entity that is damaged by foot traffic and waste pressure that occurs when visiting the dog park. By allowing the grass to get two days of rest, we will be able to preserve it for years to come.

As we approach the time of year when we have frosty mornings, the hours of the Dog Park being open will be adjusted. Walking on grass that is frosted over can and more than likely will kill grass. When frost occurs the cells inside the plant are frozen as well, and while adding foot traffic during a frost period will cause those cells to explode ultimately killing the plant.

In terms of the closure of the Dog Park, typically it will remain open unless we are under significant snow cover. However, normal wear and tear of the Dog Park during this time of year can pose threatening challenges for the upcoming Spring.

Why do you ask? The plant and or roots are not taking up any nutrients or water, releasing any gases, or photosynthesizing. It is doing what it knows to survive these seasonal conditions, disregarding the added pressure.

It will more than likely be that the Dog Park will remain open more than it will be announced closed during the winter season. We just wanted to take the opportunity to make you aware of some of the reasoning as to why some events or decisions will transpire in the coming months


The Black Dog Wine Company Dog Park at Moon Park is attached to the greater Moon Park complex (1845 Beaver Grade Road).  Vehicle access to the park is across from the new Downes Fire Station on Beaver Grade Road.  A pedestrian path will  eventually link the Dog Park to the main Moon Park area across Ewing Road.  The park will utilize the property to the west of Discovery Field.  Many longtime residents may know this area as the Duck Pond.  Before the construction of the airport, a pond existed along Beaver Grade Road.  This pond offered fishing opportunities in the summer and ice skating in the winter.  This area is included in the park lease and will link up to Moon Park through the Brewer Airport Toyota softball fields and the Discovery soccer fields.

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