Pool Programming Categories:

Open Swim


  • Programs with a drop-in option do not require pre-registration.
  • Signup in person at the Parks and Recreation office.
  • Online registration here.
  • Call the Parks and Recreation office at 412-262-1703 to pay with credit card.
  • Send in a check to our mailing address with the participants name, date of birth, address, phone and e-mail. You will not be officially registered in the class until you receive a confirmation e-mail.
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OPEN SWIM (All Ages)

Location: Moon Area High School Natatorium
Fee: Children 2 and Under FREE, Ages 3-17 $2, Over 18 $3  Just drop in!
Enjoy open swim at the Moon High School Pool.  You can swim laps, improve your water skills, or just simply have a great time.  Children under the age of 12 must be acompanied by a guardian or adult. Cash only accepted at the door.  Please see below for the open swim pool schedule.

January 2020
Friday, January 3, 8-9pm
Saturday, January 4, Noon-4pm
Sunday, January 5, Noon-4pm
Monday, January 6, 8-9pm
Tuesday, January 7, 8-9pm
Wednesday, January 8, 8-9pm
Friday, January 10, 8-9pm
Saturday, January 11, Noon-3pm
Sunday, January 12, Noon-4pm
Monday, January 13, 8-9pm
Tuesday, January 14, 8-9pm
Wednesday, January 15, 8-9pm
Thursday, January 16, 8-9pm
Saturday, January 18, Noon-4pm
Sunday, January 19, Noon-2pm
Tuesday, January 21, 8-9pm
Wednesday, January 22, 8-9pm
Saturday, January 25, Noon-4pm
Sunday, January 26, Noon-4pm
Monday, January 27, 8-9pm
Tuesday, January 28, 8-9pm
Wednesday, January 29, 8-9pm
Thursday, January 30, 8-9pm
Friday, January 31, 8-9pm


Elementary School Pool Parties (Elementary Age)
Date: Friday, January 24 (Bon Meade)
Time: 8:30pm-10pm
Location:  Moon Area High School Natatorium
Fee: $5 - Just Drop In!
Each month we host one pool party that is just for all the kids from one Elementary!  It's a great opportunity to hang out with friends and perhaps meet new ones.  There will be pool toys, music, and fun for all.  Kids under 10 must be supervised by a guardian or adult. Cash only accepted at the door.  

Spring Swim Lessons: Water Babies (Ages 2 & Under)
Dates: More Dates Coming Soon!
Time: Noon to 12:45
Location: Moon High School Pool
Fee: $30 - Registration is still open - Class fee will be pro-rated for late registrations.
Children ages 2 and under will learn to love the water through games and songs.  One parent or guardian must particpate along each registered child. Swim Diapers must be worn by all children.  Disposable swim diapers are allowed.

SKWIM (Ages 12 and Up)
Dates: Sunday January 20 - More dates coming soon!
Time: 2-4 PM
Location: Moon Area High School Natatorium
Fee: $5 drop in
SKWIM™ is a, fun, fast-paced surface water-disk sport. It is easy to learn and a ton of fun to play. People of all ages and swimming ability can get in the water, grab a disk and have a blast. The game is played with a soft foam disk that skims across the surface of the water. Team members, swimming with special fins, pass the disk to one another and score by skimming the disk into the center trap of their opponent’s floating goal. The goal is circular and allows players to score from 360°.

More classes and programs coming soon!